Book Notes: Buy Now

Buy Now: Creative Marketing that Gets Customers to Respond to You And Your Product
by Rick Cesari and Ron Lynch

  • You have a strong need. We can fulfill it.
  • People are grateful to be sold something they truly want and need.
  • The Super Bowl shows us that we do, indeed, like advertising.
  • “All marketing is bad – unless, of course, it is for something I want and need.”
  • “You cannot afford in this day and age to say, “Our product appeals to everyone then shotgun a message in hopes of landing business. That’s a stupid waste of money.”
  • But wait, there’s more.
  • We had the right guy (who could get your attention), the right product (it actually worked) and a good distribution model.
  • When selling, focus on the benefits, not the features. You can accomplish this with the “problem/solution” scenario
  • P90X wasn’t marketed using an “exercise is easy” strategy. The makers let you know it was tough.
  • “To a man, a good sales pitch is like a good arrow: It gets to the meat – short, straight, and to the point. It actually may leave some things unanswered. To a woman, a good pitch is more like a good based: woven, connected, and three dimensional. It needs to hold more water.”
  • With consumers hearing 40,000 marketing messages a week, you must have a unique selling proposition. If you cannot find a way to create a definite USP, you should probably change the product or service.
  • Product price testing showed that people think in terms of twenty dollar bills. Virtually no difference between $29 and $39 – call volume was identical at both price points. Same proved true for $49 and $59.