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The Two People Every Organization Needs

Every organization, whether it’s a business or a non-profit, needs at least two types of leaders to find sustainability. Gino Wickman and Marc Winters call these two people the visionary and the integrator. The visionary generates ideas, sees the big picture and provides the passion. He has a mental picture of the future in vivid color. […]

Two Questions Every Potential Customer is Asking

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hear Dan Pink speak at the Authority Rainmaker event in Denver. Copyblogger is one of my favorite websites and Dan Pink is one of my favorite authors.  His book, To Sell is Human, is fantastic. Dan talked about the two questions every customer is asking and challenged […]

Decided is Not the Same as Done

Leaders make decisions all the time. Some decisions are small like what to wear and what to eat.  Other decisions are big like who to hire and which project to tackle.  Some decisions are even life-changing. Great leaders get good at making decisions. They develop a set of filters and create a system for getting […]

Sidetracked by Supplements

I once made the mistake of walking into a GNC store.  You know those health stores in the mall that sell things that sound like they would either kill you or cure you… I’m not really a health nut. I’ve been known to run occasionally, but it’s really just because I like the sense of […]

Here are the types people and organizations I can help.


  • You want to start something that matters.
  • You’re struggling to find your market or your voice.
  • You want to set things up right.
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  • You’re looking to grow and reach more people.
  • You need help with marketing or strategy.
  • You want to launch a new product or service.
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  • You need to streamline and be more effective.
  • You’re looking to serve more people.
  • You need to diversify your products or services.
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Don’t Take My Word for it

“We spent three months under Michael’s coaching and we have not stopped growing ever since.”

Robbie Foreman

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available to speak?

Of course! I love speaking to groups of people on a variety of topics. If you want to check availability and talk about goals, send an email to michael@michaellukaszewski.com.

What other blogs do you recommend?

I've learned from so many smart people and love recommending others. Some of my favorites include Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Jon Acuff, Jeff Goins, and Ramit Sethi.

What tools do you use in your life and business?

I love Evernote, Dropbox, and LeadPages and use them all multiple times a day. I put together a PDF with more tools I use all the time and you can download that here.

What's your background?

After 15 years of working with local churches, I began working with a consulting company to help pastors and churches succeed. In 2015, I started Church Fuel to provide insanely practical resources that move the church forward. This is my personal site, where I write about business, leadership, heart and hustle.