Forced and Focused Work

One of the biggest benefits of going away to a 2-day workshop for entrepreneurs has little to do with the presenters or the content. Sure, the content of a recent workshop I attended was great, and the relationships made will help us in the future. But the real benefit was forced and focused work.

Though I knew it was important, this event forced us to work on our mission, purpose and core values. The time away was focused work ON the organization, instead of working IN it. By registering for an event, buying plane tickets, and preparing, we were forced to accomplish something that we knew needed to be done.

That’s why I am a HUGE believer in workshops and seminars.  If you want to make a leap forward, schedule a workshop. I can walk you through creating an annual calendar, creating a teaching calendar, realigning your staff, developing a volunteer force, or several other key issues. Force your schedule to accommodate and choose to focus on making improvements. This stuff won’t happen naturally – you’ve got to be intentional.

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