Sermon Notes: Red Letter Prayers – Andy Stanley

Here are my notes from part one of Red Letter Prayers from Andy Stanley.  Matthew 6 was the text.

Most of us are praying wrong.  The disciples even came to Jesus and said, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

You say, “prayer doesn’t work.”  Well, your prayers don’t work.  Maybe you need prayer lessons.  If prayer is not rewarding, maybe you’re not doing it right.  The Bible says there is a reward associated with prayer.

Our Father in heaven…hallowed be thy name.  Think about who you are talking gto.  Prayer begins by declaring the greatness of God.  This is the context for all prayer.

We call God “Father” – a name that speaks of authority, respect, care and relationship.

Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done…the purpose of prayer is to surrender our will not impose it. Do you really want a God so small you can talk Him into doing things He doesn’t want to do?

The reward of prayer is peace.  What God does IN you is more important than what God does for you.

Give us this day our daily bread…we can ask God for provision, pardon and protection.

Here’s a pattern for prayer.

  • D – Declare God’s greatness
  • S – Surrender your will
  • A – Acknowledge your dependence and pray for provision, pardon and protection.

DSA stands for don’t start off asking.

This kind of prayer always works, because this prayer works on me.



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