A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s Christmas, so I thought I’d share a list of a few of my favorite things.
  1. Breakfast with one of my kids on Saturday morning. I usually do this every week.  Blue Bird Cafe is our favorite.
  2. Going to the movies. I like taking my kids, going with my wife, or even going alone. I love movies with great writing, great plots, interesting characters, or lots of explosions.
  3. A compelling book. From novels to business books, I love a good book that doesn’t regurgigate things everybody else is already saying. Here are my ten best business books.
  4. Traveling to a new city with my wife. I don’t enjoy sitting on the beach, but I love exploring new cities. I want to go to Sydney, Prague, San Antonio, Moscow.
  5. Counter culture coffee. A year ago, I started drinking black coffee after attending a coffee tasting and learning what what was going on. Single origin coffee from one specific country is so much better than generic, over-roasted, burnt bulk beans from the mega-store.
  6. Amazon and prime. I love amazon, but what makes it powerful is one-click purchasing with Prime shipping. Now, Amazon is my default method for buying things. I ordered 24-rolls of paper towels the other day.
  7. MacBook air. It’s the best computer I’ve ever had, and hope the rumors of a 15″ version are true.
  8. An empty inbox. There’s nothing like an empty inbox at the end of the day. It’s a great feeling.
  9. Dinner with friends and a shared bottle of wine.  It just seems that things taste better when you enjoy the company.
  10. Working in the yard. I don’t like camping or hunting, but I do enjoy working in my yard. Seeing plants grow, or picking some home-grown herbs is fun to me.
  11. Watching star wars movies with my son. He’s five, has all the light sabers, and explains things to me.
Chips and Salsa from Tin Lizzys. Best chips and salsa ever.