Link to the Competition

Are you confident enough in your business or product that you would create an easy-to-find page on your website listing all of your competition?  That’s what Saddleback Leather did, and I’m impressed.

If you’re confident in what you’re doing, you don’t have to hide the competition…bring it front and center.  Say, “here’s all the other people who provide what we provide, and I’m confident that we do it better.”  Invite people to see for themselves, and then make it easy.  If you’re not that confident in your product or service, then you should be.

Here’s another thought…

Churches could create a page on their website that said, “We realize that we might not be the church for everyone, but here’s a list of some other great churches in our area.”  I know other churches aren’t the competition, but what a kingdom-minded thing to do!

And for what it’s worth, if anyone wants to get me this bag, I’d be grateful!