Free Online Conference Focused on Church Finances

Pete Wilson speaking at Fund Your Church Now

If you’ve attended The Nines or any other online conference, you’ll know how this works.  This free online event is focused on church finances.  It’s called Fund Your Church Now and it takes places on October 20.  Here are the details:

What is it? Fund Your Church Now is a FREE online event to help your church go from financial breakeven to breakthrough.  Some of the top church leaders in North America will talk about the practical things they have done to fully fund the church or ministry they help lead.  No travel required…just watch from your computer.

When is it?  October 20, 2011 from 1pm – 4pm EST.  Register here.

Who is speaking?  Bob Franquiz, Dino Rizzo, Carey Nieuwhof, Shaun King, Joe Sangl, Tim Stevens , Pete Wilson, Casey Graham, Robert Morris, and others.

Who is behind it?  Fund Your Church Now is hosted by Giving Rocket.

If you are a church leader, this free online conference looks like it’s worth your time.

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