How Recurring Tasks Keep You Organized

If you do something more than once, it’s time to create a system around it. That’s true when it comes to following up with guests, writing sermons, leading a team meeting. It’s also true for your daily task management.

Many of my tasks reoccur on a regular basis, so I use my Task Management software (Things, from Cultured Code) to create a scheduled task. These tasks automatically show up on my “Today” list according to their due date. When I check them off, they go away, until they automatically reappear at the next interval.

Here’s a screen shot of my repeating task tab in Things.

You’ll notice that I plan and schedule the things that are important.

  • There’s one task I do daily: Read the Bible (and pray)
  • There are some tasks I do weekly: Review our website and tag stuff I clipped into my Evernote inbox.
  • There are some tasks I do every month: Write in a journal to the kids, review Evernote clippings, spay my house for bugs, look at household spending, etc.
  • I also have some annual tasks: ¬†Go to the doctor and request my credit report.
Think through all the things you do on a regular basis, and if they are important, make them automatic.