Two Questions Every Leader Must Ask

I believe there are two questions that every leader must ask himself all the time. These two questions should make it to team meetings and fill many of your discussions. Here they are.

Question #1: Why?

Why are we doing this? Why is it priced this way? Why do we just accept this as normal? Why do we do that on Tuesday? Why is it set up that way? Why do we use this system? Why does it have to cost that amount? Why are those people always invited?  Why do we have to sing songs at church?

Question #2: Why not?

Why can’t we offer that for free? Why don’t we charge $10 for VBS? Why don’t we invite that person? Why can’t we make it bigger? Why can’t we make it smaller? Why can’t we cancel it? Why can’t we start it now?  Why can’t a volunteer do that?